Recipe: Assorted winter melon rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted winter melon rolls



  1. Chicken legs, together with ginger and shallots, are placed in water and cooked. Use chopsticks to insert chicken legs and no blood can seep out

  2. Warm dried shiitake mushrooms in advance

  3. Melon cut into rectangular slices, shiitake mushrooms, carrot shreds, and sage

  4. Add water to the pot, boil it, add the melon slices, remove the scallions and remove them.

  5. Artemisia argyi, carrots, water, water, add a little cooking oil to keep the color bright

  6. Cooked chicken leg shredded and mixed with vegetable silk, add the right amount of salt, chicken seasoning

  7. The melon slices are laid flat on the chopping board, and the carrots, the sage, the shredded mushrooms, the shredded chicken are rolled up from one end.

  8. Spread the melon rolls in the pan, steam on the pan, and ignite for 3 minutes.

  9. Take half a bowl of chicken soup with boiled chicken legs. After boiling, add salt, chicken essence, thicken, and finally pour over the top of the melon roll.


1, winter melon diuretic swelling, clearing heat and heat, is a good food for weight loss. 2. Artemisia argyi is rich in nutrients and has a good therapeutic effect on lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and relieving cardiovascular diseases. It is a well-received health vegetable. 3, the biggest feature of this dish: light taste, nutrient-rich, low calorie, especially recommended for those who want to "skinny" summer weight loss!!

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