Recipe: Assorted stir fry

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted stir fry


After eating the hot pot, there are some dishes left, and a dish is fried too little, so I decided to mix a few dishes with a dish, but the mixed cooking is also learned. We have a potato, a cucumber, and a half. Half a broccoli, half a mushroom, so there are two home-cooked dishes.



  1. Cut potatoes, cucumbers, and clams into small dices. The millet pepper is also cut into small pieces and set aside.

  2. Pour the hot water in the pot and pour it into the diced water. Cook until 7 mature, and have softness.

  3. Pick up the diced potatoes and the potatoes and diced them together and drain them to dry.

  4. Heat the wok, pour the right amount of oil, add the pepper, pepper, millet pepper and stir-fry until the oil is hot.

  5. Pour in potatoes, cucumbers, and diced potatoes. Add in salt and MSG after frying.


Very simple home cooking, the most suitable choice for cleaning the refrigerator. However, one thing to pay special attention to is that you must cook first, because the varieties of glutinous rice are different, some cockroaches are very brittle, it is difficult to synchronize with potatoes and cucumbers, so friends who like to eat soft simmer must cook first. Hey. You can also DIY to put some wine, other ingredients or something.

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