Recipe: Assorted soy sauce fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted soy sauce fried rice


Soy sauce fried rice is the fried rice that is eaten the most when you are young. Usually there is no food at home, my sister will cook this fried rice for me. Therefore, this fried rice represents a kind of hard-pressing complex. If the ingredients are too luxurious, it is not a classic soy sauce fried rice~~~



  1. The eggs are broken up, and the shallots are chopped with green onions. The main onion is not too little. The main seasoning for this fried rice is soy sauce. If it is fried, it will have a soy sauce taste. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the soy sauce with the aroma of shallot.

  2. After the oil pan is hot, turn to a small fire. Pour in the egg mixture. Stir with a spoon to make the egg liquid into pieces when it condenses.

  3. Before the eggs are not completely solidified, turn the fire into the rice. Then quickly smash the agglomerated rice with the back of the shovel and stir fry. If it will be a pot, then it is best. You can see the rice grains in the iron pot.

  4. Pour in the prepared soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, chicken (prematurely poured into a bowl). Stir fry until you can't see the white rice.

  5. Pour the chopped green onion and turn it over a few times. Our goal is that after the meal is finished, the bottom of the pot is still light and clear.


1 Many people think that fried rice is best eaten with leftovers because the rice can lower the viscosity after cooling. In fact, it is not entirely true. If the rice is cooked very soft and rotten, even if it is put into the refrigerator overnight, it will be sticky when it is fried (including after being fried). On the contrary, if the rice is cooked, it is fluffy and dry with a firm taste. It is not necessary to wait until it is cooled down. Even if it is hot, it can be very fluffy. Therefore, the fried rice is very sticky, not the technique of frying is not good, but the cooked rice has a lot of moisture and is very sticky. Some people say that after the rice is cooled, the water will become water. Yes, the water will be relatively small, but if you want to cook the rice is very soft and rotten, can you dry it and cool it? 2 How can I cook the non-sticky rice: when washing the rice, the technique is gentle, don't wash it, scouring six or seven times (yes, six or seven times. You are not mistaken). The starch on the surface of the rice is washed. Off, the rice water became very clear, which means that the starch was almost washed away. The more starch on the surface of the rice, the more sticky the cooked rice is. 3 I don't like to sauté the onion on the rice after the fried rice is served. Instead, put the onion and fry twice before the pan. The aroma of this onion can be well excited by the heat in the pot.

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