Recipe: Assorted soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted soup


The traditional Sichuan Lienchi soup is a boiled pork broth, which is then cooked with radish and sliced ​​meat. Cook it and bring it to the table together. Assorted soups are made with butter, pork, meatballs, melon, oyster mushrooms, cabbage, and tomatoes. The soup tastes very delicious~ When you eat it, you can make a single dish and eat it.



  1. Put water in the pot, whole pork, broken ginger, pepper, green onion. Boil the fire and beat the froth. Wait until the meat is cooked and pick up the meat, pepper and green onion.

  2. Slice melon and tomato, wash cabbage and mushrooms for later use. The meat pieces are cooled and sliced.

  3. In the broth, add melon, oyster mushrooms, sliced ​​meat, and meatballs.

  4. After the meat in the pan is cooked, add the hairy belly, cabbage and tomato slices. Turn off the fire after the break. Season with salt.

  5. Go to the table and sip with water!


Single mountain water is a kind of well-mixed food. I bought it on Taobao. If you don't have it, you can adjust it with chili noodles, pepper noodles, salt, and MSG.

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