Recipe: Assorted Salad Biscuits

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted Salad Biscuits


Have a tea party in the girlfriends, or a mini party, the first choice for cold meals. It is convenient and fast, and easy to eat. It will not be embarrassed because it does not eat food in time. The ingredients are not high and it is very simple to do.



  1. Sweet peas and corn kernels are thawed, and the water is drained with kitchen paper.

  2. Triangle cheese diced + salad dressing + sweet peas + corn kernels

  3. Mix the ingredients with salad dressing and mix well

  4. Fill the cracked biscuits with the mixed stuffing and cover with a cracker

  5. Take the flower bag, put it into the flower mouth, fill in the salad dressing, squeeze the flower shape

  6. Sprinkle on the salad with decorative sugar and garnish a large almond. For the sake of beauty, you can finally use a flower bag, cut a small mouth and topped with tomato sauce.


friendly reminder: 1. If you have canned tuna at home, it will also enhance the taste. 2. If you like to eat bacon, you can fry it in the pot and cut it into diced, or you can use ham instead. 3. If you don't like the taste of ketchup, you can change it to caramel sauce or chocolate sauce. 4. I use the milky taste of the flat comb, and the salad-like snacks are better. 5. If there is no silk flower tool in the house, you can put the salad dressing into the fresh-keeping bag, cut a corner of the bag and squeeze a salad dressing on the biscuit. You can also use a spoon to dig a little bit on the biscuit, and then put a half of the walnut is also very beautiful. The salad dressing has a sticky effect.

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