Recipe: Assorted red bean soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted red bean soup


Big winter, come to the bowl of warm bean soup, what is the most loved



  1. Red beans and peach gum are soaked every other day, and it will not matter if it is soaked.

  2. First put the soaked red beans in the pot, boil the water after the fire is boiled, and then re-cook the water. After the fire is boiled, use the rice simmer to slowly stew, and to what extent it will be cooked according to personal preference.

  3. In the process of boiling red beans, the taro and sweet potato are peeled and cut into pieces, and they are soaked in cold water. I use a big steamed bun, which will not make the hands itchy. Chestnuts are also hot water bubbles, shelled and peeled, and cut into pieces for use.

  4. When the red bean soup is cooked until the skin is a little cracked, put the peach gum, and then continue to cook and simmer, remember not to let the peach glue stick.

  5. About half an hour later, add sweet potatoes, taro and chestnuts, and cook until you start to soften and add a small round.

  6. After all the ingredients are cooked, add some canned coconut bottoms. I don't put the sugar in the cans together in the pot. If you like, you can put them together.

  7. Finally, brown sugar seasoning, personal advice or not to eat too sweet, after all, eating is still more important.


Burning this sweet soup is very simple, just pay attention to not sticking to the pan. In addition, what is put in the sweet soup is based on personal preference, I like to eat chestnuts, put a lot of chestnuts, and winter is the time to kidney, chestnut kidney is very good.

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