Recipe: Assorted mashed risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted mashed risotto



  1. Wash the diced green pepper; wash the mushrooms to the diced diced; diced the diced after the thawing

  2. Mix the green pepper, the bacon, the corn and the mashed potatoes. (Because the culture is salty, you don't need to add any salt. If the taste is heavy or the bacon is less, add it as appropriate.)

  3. Mix the mushrooms and braised pork evenly

  4. Spread a layer of rice (about two-thirds) on the bottom of the bowl, spread the mixed braised pork and mushrooms, and spread the remaining rice (about one-third) and spread the mixed mashed potatoes. On the rice, finally spread the cheese evenly.

  5. The oven is preheated at 200 degrees, then the rice is placed in the middle layer and baked for about 20 minutes (the first 15 minutes to open the fire, the last 5 minutes to open the fire alone; this also depends on the temper of your own oven, feel my The temperature of the oven is low, so no matter what time it takes to roast, it is better to watch it at the end, until the cheese is melted and colored.

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