Recipe: Assorted lake head rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted lake head rice noodles


Anxi Lake rice noodles is one of my favorite rice noodles. Xinghua powder tastes bad. Hsinchu powder is too fine. The lake head rice noodles are resistant to cooking and frying ~ it seems that ancient or tribute ╮ (〉_>)╭ Quanzhou Anxi Lake Head Rice Noodle High!



  1. The rice in the lake is broken, soaked in cold water, the cabbage is washed and cut, the lunch meat is cut, the shiitake is shredded (the water can be kept), and the eggs are broken.

  2. Remove the soft rice flour and drain it slightly. Stir in the wok with the cabbage. Add the shredded mushrooms and the amount of salt. If the rice noodles are too dry, pour the water of the shiitake mushrooms into a small amount.

  3. Add a few drops of soy sauce (a few drops is enough or not), pour in the luncheon meat & eggs, stir fry and mix well.

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