Recipe: Assorted fried rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted fried rice noodles



  1. Burn half a pot of water, put two rice noodles when you are warm. I bought Hsinchu rice noodles, there are 4 in 500g, I have soaked two small ones.

  2. The cabbage is opened, washed and shredded, and the shiitake mushrooms are also shredded. The loin of the pork belly is sliced ​​with yellow wine and soy sauce.

  3. The shrimps are peeled out of the shrimps. After the shrimp line is removed, the rice wine and the starch are mixed well. The ham and the sausage are cut into silk. Ginger and garlic are minced

  4. Put the oil in the wok, warm it is to put the shrimp into the pan

  5. Put more oil, sauté the ginger, stir the pork to the discoloration, the minced garlic, and then put the sausage, shiitake, ham and cabbage

  6. Season with salt. LG doesn't like the fried powder of white flowers, I have to use soy sauce instead of salt.

  7. When stir-fry until the dish is cooked, cut the soaked rice flour into the pot at the appropriate length, add the shrimp, stir-fry together, stir-fry until the soup is dried, add chicken flavor to taste, you can

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