Recipe: Assorted fried rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted fried rice noodles


The whole course will take less than ten minutes, and it will be delicious!



  1. The cabbage is torn into a leaf and a leaf, the bean sprouts are washed clean, and the fungus is cut into silk or smashed into small pieces after foaming.

  2. Boil the hot water, pour the rice noodles, and pick up the water for 2-3 minutes.

  3. Bacon three slices, cut into small pieces, and then directly into the pan to fry until all the bacon oil is fried, medium heat.

  4. Because the bacon has oil, there is no need to add other cooking oil. Just add the cabbage, bean sprouts and fungus to the pan of the fried bacon, and start to stir fry. At this time, use a big fire.

  5. Stir-fry almost joined the rice noodles just removed, slightly adjust the small ignition, do not use the fried spoon, use two pairs of chopsticks to stir the rice flour and vegetable bacon.

  6. Then add Laogan Mazu bean paste, add fuel and soy sauce, and continue to stir fry. This process can try the taste, because the amount of ingredients is not fixed, if you feel light, you can add more.

  7. Add chopped green onion when you are out of the pan, stir fry for about 20 seconds to turn off the pan.


1, remember to buy the kind of hard rice noodles, too soft for a while will be rotten. If you can't buy hard rice noodles, the soft rice noodles will be fished out after a while. 2, in the process of fried bacon, the smoke will be relatively large, must open the hood, the time difference party is especially, otherwise it will ring the fire. 3, you can add shrimp, fried eggs, enoki mushrooms and other ingredients according to your preference ~ because it is originally a dish, so according to the surplus of the refrigerator. 4, the picture looks a bit oily, in fact, it is reflective, the whole process did not add any cooking oil, eat and buy refreshing ~

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