Recipe: Assorted fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted fried rice



  1. Shrimp to shrimp line cut small Ding, carrots, mushrooms, onions, cucumbers washed diced

  2. Put the peas in boiling water and remove them.

  3. Eggs are scattered into the pan and fried

  4. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, stir the carrot and diced mushrooms for a while.

  5. Pour in peas and shrimp and continue to stir fry

  6. Stir fry until the shrimp is discolored, pour in cucumber and onion

  7. Then pour the rice into the stir fry

  8. Stir fry until the rice is loose, pour in the fried eggs and stir well

  9. Sprinkle with salt and stir well

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