Recipe: Assorted fried noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted fried noodles


If you don't want to drill in the kitchen, you should think about doing something simple and easy, save the usual three-disc and four-bowl, but save trouble is not to ignore nutrition. In such hot weather, you must eat more green vegetables and reduce the fire. Use all of them, although it is just a simple fried noodles, but the content inside is very rich, I will give it a name called assorted fried noodles, huh, huh. material: (3--4 servings)



  1. Cut the cabbage, carrot and ham separately, cut the onion into small pieces, beat the eggs, and cut the garlic.

  2. Take a pot of water and boil it. Boil the egg noodles and boil it out of cold water. Drain and sprinkle with some olive oil.

  3. Fire the olive oil in the wok, pour the egg into the egg and pour it out.

  4. Re-inject the olive oil, then add half of the garlic musk, pour the cabbage, carrot and ham to the cabbage, soften it, pour the cooked egg noodles, add salt and stir well, and finally add the fried egg and incense Onion, put the remaining garlic and sprinkle with pepper and mix well.


1. Olive oil should not wait for the oil to smoke and then stir-fry, which will lose nutrients; 2. When the fried noodles are placed in the middle of the fire, too much fire is easy to fry; 3. As long as the noodles can be boiled out, it is not easy to fry.

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