Recipe: Assorted dry pot (no spicy version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted dry pot (no spicy version)


The vegetables that can be eaten all year round can be adjusted according to the seasons.



  1. Dispose of all the ingredients in advance, peel the potatoes and lotus roots, and cut the slices (thickness is slightly thicker than usual). The garlic is smashed into small granules and the shallots are cut into sections.

  2. The wok is boiled in half a pot of water. After boiling, the ingredients are cooked in a pot according to the classification of the alizarin.

  3. Put the hot oil in the wok, add the appropriate amount of garlic, saute the vegetables, stir-fry the vegetables, put the right amount of oil, and put the plate.

  4. In the same three steps, the beef and other foods are fried and served.

  5. Casserole uses a small fire to evaporate the internal water, evenly apply a layer of oil inside, and continue to heat with a small fire.

  6. Put the fried dish in the casserole in turn, and simmer for 15 minutes.

  7. Place the onion in a casserole at 14 minutes. Finished, go straight to the table.


You can put different dishes according to your preference and time, fresh and changeable. This is a non-spicy version. You can add chili when you are quick to fry.

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