Recipe: Assorted corn kernels

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted corn kernels


I personally like this dish very much, I like the rich and bright colors. The visually puts the taste together, and I like the sweet taste of sweet corn. The feeling of biting the water is much better than the corn.



  1. Carrots scrape off the epidermis, washed and cut into small Ding, ham cut into small Ding; sweet corn, green beans spare.

  2. Carrot diced slightly boiled for a few minutes before frying, so it is easy to fry, boil it out after draining, drain the water; if the green beans are too hard, you can cook and fry. Because I used the frozen green beans, I thawed it with my hands after thawing and found it to be very soft, so I didn't cook it.

  3. Pour the oil into the pot, heat all the ingredients, add salt, stir fry over medium heat for a while.


It is not advisable to use large fire to fry, corn kernels should be fried out of the pot, and it is easy to be fried.

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