Recipe: Assorted Berry Ice Bullying

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted Berry Ice Bullying



  1. The egg yolk hits the color whitish

  2. Add low flour, corn starch, and sugar. Stir well

  3. The milk is boiled. Pour 1/2 of the milk into the egg yolk paste and stir until no granules. Filter it with a sieve, pour it into the remaining milk and continue to heat it.

  4. Heat + stir until thick, and cool with water

  5. Cream is sent to 70%

  6. Mix the cooled egg yolk paste with whipped cream evenly (the method of covering the quilt). Add berries and mix evenly with your taste

  7. Freeze in the refrigerator, stir once every hour, 4 hours


In fact, you can change the berries into something else, such as chocolate or something, anyway, it tastes like you.

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