Recipe: Assorted beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted beans



  1. After the beans are drowned, the tear strips are used.

  2. Chicken, carrot, mushrooms, diced

  3. Stir-fried sautéed garlic sauce, stir-fry the beans under the scallops

  4. Another pot of hot oil, sautéed ginger, carrot, chicken, mushroom, stir fry

  5. Add the yellow sauce and continue to stir fry until you ask for the bean curd

  6. Put the pot on the bean Bean~


This dish is made with chicken, chicken, mushrooms and carrots. The actual situation is free to match according to the freezer in your refrigerator. The point is that after adding the sauce, the sauce must be cooked and the scent is completely released. This dish is very popular except for the taste. The same, brother does not add salt to such a heavy taste, so I suggest you do not imitate the addition of salt on the TV.

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