Recipe: Assorted bean curd

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted bean curd


This is also learned from my classmates~ The taste is light, delicious and nutritious, and the color is very beautiful~ The best thing is that the method is super simple~~haha



  1. Grab the tofu with your hands, pour the broken eggs and continue to mix well.

  2. Hot pot, pour the tofu into the hot oil, stir fry

  3. After the tofu is out of the water, pour in the corn kernels, peas and carrots and continue to stir fry.

  4. When you see the water, you can put salt. This dish is a light dish, so the salt does not need to be put too much, according to personal taste.


When you start to fry the tofu, you will get water. If you want to fry the water, it will be delicious.

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