Recipe: Assorted

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted


This dish is simple to operate and very delicious~



  1. Cook the peanuts first, don't cook too much, just a little crisp!

  2. Let the yuba, fungus, mushrooms, and bran bran be soaked in cold water. Do not pour off the water of the mushrooms.

  3. Pour the oil into the pot to heat it, enlarge the material and ginger until the aroma comes out and put it into yuba, mushrooms, fungus, peanuts, baked bran, beer slices, stir fry, then add soy sauce, soy sauce and sugar! Add some shampoo water after coloring, not too much! Then add a little chicken and stir-fry until the soup is absorbed. Put the sesame oil on the pan and stir fry a few times!


Because the soy sauce is more salty, so I will not put salt, add seasonings, you can taste it first, decide not to put salt! Do not put too little sugar, a little sweet and delicious! If you like, can you add some bamboo shoots? Don't eat it when you fry it, let it cool before you eat it!

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