Recipe: Assorted

Home Cooking Recipe: Assorted


In the collar, I saw that all the gourmets were using this pot to make food. The speed of the grass and quickly received one. Used for the first time today. In view of the recent cold, I decided to make a pot of light and delicious. Taji pot originated in Morocco, North Africa. What makes it special is that it uses a pointed-hat lid to make dishes without water. And you can also completely eliminate the oil, it is really nutritious and healthy.



  1. Put the most easy-to-paste tomatoes on the bottom to make the bottom. Then spread the ingredients layer by layer

  2. After a small fire for ten minutes, I felt that there was water vapor in it that would overflow. Then turn off the fire and then simmer for about three minutes.

  3. Sprinkle with salt and a little black pepper

  4. Mix well. There are a lot of soups below.

  5. The sausage itself is very sweet. Kidney Beans, Potato Chips Dip in Soup, Mix the Flavor of Tomato Soup, Mix Fungus and Mushrooms, and Eat the Smell of Shrimp

  6. The whole pot tastes light and delicious. Very convenient


Because it is directly the principle of baking, the moisture of the food itself can come out and retain nutrition. Just Baidu about the use and attention of the Taji pot, looks like the following message asked whether it can be used in the induction cooker, it seems that it can not be used, it is best to buy before the seller and then confirm. First time use Since the Taji pot has water absorption, when using it for the first time, please use a simmer to boil the rice water to boiling, and the boiling time lasts for 10 minutes. After that, the pot becomes stronger and more durable. Safe use rule 1. Casserole for direct fire. Can not be used in induction cookers, wire furnaces, halogen ovens. Can be used in microwave ovens, dishwasher dryers, ovens. 2, can not be used to make tempura, fried food and other frying purposes. Do not allow food to dry in the pot. 3. Please do not use it next to combustibles such as oil and gas. 4. When using the electric heater, please separate it from the heating equipment by more than one centimeter. 5, in order to prevent burns, do not touch the Taji pot directly after heating or after use. If you need to touch, please use the pot to grab your hand. At the same time, when using the pot to grasp the hand, please note that the pot is heavy and slippery. 6. When placing the pot or lid on the table, use non-combustible items such as pots and pans. 7. When using a solid fuel stove, you must use non-combustible items such as pots and pans. 8. In use, if you need to leave, please be sure to extinguish the fire. 9, please pay attention to try to avoid letting children operate alone. 10, there may be a small amount of spillage between the lid gap, please be careful not to be burnt. 11. After taking it out of the refrigerator, be sure to thaw before placing it on fire. Instructions for using the extended pot 1, the ceramic is fragile, please pay attention to lightly. 2, please do not use cold water to quickly cool, will cause cracks; when the bottom of the pot is wet, do not put on fire. (easy to break) 3. Decontamination powder and wire will cause cracking or damage. Do not use. 4. After use, wash with neutral detergent, rinse and dry and collect. Finally attached today to see a very detailed explanation of the "Taji Pot": Below the pot is a thickened non-stick pan with a ceramic tip lid. The water that evaporates during cooking will flow back into the pan along the inner wall of the lid, so it has the advantage of keeping the original flavor of the food from escaping. It is suitable for small fires and some foods are also cooked in water.

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