Recipe: Asparagus winter melon mutton soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Asparagus winter melon mutton soup


Asparagus is a Chinese herbal medicine that has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness and clearing the lungs and producing fluid. Together with the autumn wind, the fire is dry and the upper body, drink some tea with tea or boiled soup, and have the best effect on dry lung cough, fatigue cough, Tianjin wound thirst, upset insomnia, internal heat and thirst, intestinal dry constipation. Every autumn and winter season, I will use it to cook soup. When I got off work last night, I thought I had a home, and I bought melon and lamb slices. But when I set the pot into the meat to find the winter, I found it, no more! No way, it was made into "winter melon mutton soup." This soup is also suitable for autumn anti-drying, in order to give tips to friends, deliberately added the word Tiandong.



  1. Put the casserole into the water, cool the mutton slices in a cold water pot, add the wine to the boil, and beat the sump.

  2. Melon peeled and cut into thin slices into the casserole, stir-fry and simmer for 10 minutes until the melon slices are transparent.

  3. Transfer salt, pepper, diced greens, parsley, sesame oil


Features: nourishing and moisturizing, nutritious.

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