Recipe: Asparagus, shrimp, crab mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Asparagus, shrimp, crab mushroom



  1. Shrimp in the middle of the shell, cut in half to the mud, pour the wine and a little egg white, salt and starch to pickle, asparagus cut the thick section of the tail and then use the paring knife to cut off the thick

  2. The oil is hot and hot. The asparagus is oiled for 1 minute and picked up. When the oil temperature is high, add the shrimp and go in, then pick up the spare.

  3. Keep a small amount of freshly fried oil in the pot, stir-fry the garlic, and then simmer, put the asparagus and crab-flavored mushrooms and fry. Add oyster sauce, wine, a little sugar, chicken essence, and finally add the shrimp with stir-fry, then pour the starch water into it and dry it.


Asparagus can be oiled to maintain its green and crisp taste.

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