Recipe: Asparagus fried with mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Asparagus fried with mushrooms


The leaves and vegetables are soft and eaten without taste. Let’s have a bite, okay.



  1. The mushrooms are washed and sliced, and the asparagus is washed and cut into small sections.

  2. From the oil pan, the mushrooms are stir-fried, and the mushrooms are gradually thickened and the water is softened.

  3. Then start the oil pan, sauté the garlic, add the asparagus, simmer until the skin wrinkles and then add the mushrooms (do not pour the soup), stir fry and add the salt, pour a little mushroom juice to the pan and finally sprinkle with black pepper. broken.


Sometimes fresh mushrooms will have a lot of juice and you can keep soup.

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