Recipe: Asparagus fried with mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Asparagus fried with mushrooms


The asparagus that sends the stock is the most common Western dish with mushrooms and asparagus.



  1. Tricholoma sliced, asparagus oblique knife cut, garlic chopped

  2. Stir-fried minced garlic in olive oil, add the mushroom slices to the medium heat when the minced garlic is slightly yellowed, continue to stir fry, will give a lot of water, do not care, add black pepper and a small amount of salt to continue to fry

  3. Wait until the water that the mushroom spit is received, add a bit of butter, stir the asparagus

  4. Taste the taste and mix the salt according to the taste.


Mushrooms eat salt, so start a small amount of salt into the bottom while letting the mushrooms out of the water, and finally salt according to personal taste.

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