Recipe: Asada Jinping Cake Roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Asada Jinping Cake Roll


After the first attempt at the hill roll, I tasted the cake roll of Yi Zhiduo. It was fluffy and soft, and the appearance was very good. In fact, I did not find too much doorway, but only had the direction of hard work. Compared to the last time, the cake portion of this cake roll is very soft and delicious, will retain this side and continue to improve. Asada Jinping cake roll (18*26 baking pan, refer to the twilight square)



  1. The egg yolk is added with 25g of fine granulated sugar, the heat-insulating water is heated to 38 degrees Celsius, and the emulsifier is thoroughly sprayed with the egg beater. The yolk paste is thick and thick, and the dripping has obvious lines. The number of seconds is not small, and the final state is light yellow, which is obviously increased.

  2. Add 3g of fine sugar to the protein 3 times, and hit the wet foaming point a little (lift the egg head, and bend it with a pointed triangle)

  3. Pour the egg yolk paste into the protein and mix it evenly with a squeegee

  4. Sift into low-gluten flour and mix evenly

  5. Add the melt to a liquid butter in one go, mix quickly and evenly until the cake paste is even and smooth.

  6. Brush the oil on the baking tray, spread the baking paper, pour the cake paste, smooth it, and shake out the bubbles.

  7. The oven is preheated at 190 degrees Celsius, fires up and down at 170 degrees Celsius, and the upper middle layer is about 12 minutes. (Do not walk away, until the surface is colored and ready to be baked), cool on the grid.

  8. Add fresh cheese to whipped cream, vanilla powder, and beat it to 90%.

  9. After the cake piece is cooled, turn over, peel off the baking paper, cut into the required size, wipe the cheese filling, spread a strawberry diced, and leave about 2cm at the end to be unapplied)

  10. Softly and quickly roll up the cake pieces, refrigerate overnight, slice and eat


The amount of egg yolk in this recipe is very large. The yolk emulsification is very important. It must be done well. The cake rolls produced are very fragrant and soft. However, the protein content is low and the operation is unskilled, causing a crack in the roll. ❤This improvement is baked at 170 degrees Celsius, accompanied by the whole process, the color is very satisfactory, the time is short, the cake is very soft, but it still slightly retracts after being baked, causing surface texture, I don’t know if it will be improved after turning over. . I don’t want to be lazy, I don’t do Caska stuffing. Cheese strawberry filling is homemade, the taste is sweet and slightly sour, and it is not greasy. Another: I would like to recommend a variety of delicious cake rolls for me to try.

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