Recipe: Arugula, beef, oyster mushroom, pizza

Home Cooking Recipe: Arugula, beef, oyster mushroom, pizza


In order to eat a lot of arugula quickly



  1. Olive fried oyster mushroom

  2. Peel the tomato and put it in the pot of the fried oyster mushroom. Basil and rosemary are dried during the period. The fire is thickened to a thicker. The sauce is ready

  3. Pizza skin. Probably 175g high powder, 75 low powder, 18 grams butter, 130 grams water. Two 9-inch quantities.

  4. Pizza crust with fork and fork. Then put the step 2 sauce, a layer of cheese, oyster mushrooms, a layer of arugula, fat cattle embellishment, and another layer of arugula, cheese as the final surface.

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