Recipe: Arugula apple cheese salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Arugula apple cheese salad


This small, fresh salad is served in a well-known Italian restaurant, with green leafy vegetables and fruit cheese with a hint of dried fruit to make your taste buds fresh.



  1. Wash the arugula, dries or dry

  2. Apple peeled, everything two, and sliced

  3. Spread arugula, apple slices, sprinkle with your favorite dried fruit: pine nuts, walnuts, etc. I also sprinkled some calbee cereal, sprinkle with poppy seeds or flaxseed (good-looking and nourishing), and finally sprinkle with olive oil in Z And balsamic and snowflake-like Parmesan cheese, a quick hand salad is done for good looks, with a few cranberry embellishments, you can also use a small tomato or other instead, you like

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