Recipe: Artemisia stalk

Home Cooking Recipe: Artemisia stalk


Going to the back hill to dig the leek, it takes less than half an hour to harvest a large bag and take it home. My mom used it to make pancakes and wrap dumplings. It was a fragrant one! It is like picking up from the reserved land of your own backyard. There are many kinds of green and oily dishes on the market. Amaranth, sage, red strawberry, sacred fruit, red, green and green are a big hit. Every time I go to the market to go shopping, I buy this and buy it. When I come back, I must have seven or eight bags to come back. They are all piled on the table, but I can have a sense of accomplishment, haha! Let my kitchen spring up. Today, I made a bark of artemisia, and the green color of the dish was like a spring breeze blowing into my heart. Artemisia scoparia is praised as: "There is a scent of artemisia, and the sweetness of chrysanthemum". The general nutrients are all indispensable, especially the content of carotene exceeds that of ordinary vegetables.



  1. Wash the wormwood and remove all the leaves, cut into small pieces, and simmer

  2. Meat shredded wine, water starch and salt are evenly placed and marinated for 10 minutes.

  3. When the hot oil in the pot is 70% hot (the hand can be placed on the wok can obviously feel the heat), put it into the meat and stir fry until it is whitish.

  4. Add the rods of artemisia and the hair of the hair, stir fry until cooked and seasoned with salt, and serve as a pan.


Artemisia leaves should not throw away the cockroaches, use it to make soup or add some flour and egg to fry the egg cake, the taste is also a good.

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