Recipe: Artemisia orchard egg soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Artemisia orchard egg soup


Colleagues stuffed me with a bag of sage, and I want to eat fish eggs, so...



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Washed with water

    Washed with water

  2. Since the fish eggs are frozen, simply cook them and bake them by the way.

  3. Water open, put wormwood, oil

  4. Put a few eggs and put the fish eggs in. When you are good, put the eggs and put the salt.

  5. The final product. The soup is very clear, the taste is good, in addition, the use of meat slices instead of fish eggs is even better.


I heard that you can use the mushroom to change the taste of the egg is also good, you can also choose the meat slice for the fish eggs, it should be better.

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