Recipe: Artemisia orchard

Home Cooking Recipe: Artemisia orchard



  1. 茼 择 choose to wash, chopped, sprinkle with salt for five minutes

  2. After squeezing out the water marinated in the sage, add an egg and mix well.

  3. Mix in flour and spontaneous powder in a ratio of 2:1, then add a little cool white or warm water, stir the material into a dough, smear a layer of oil and wake up for ten minutes.

  4. Put the oil in the pot until it is smoked. Change it to a small fire. You can squeeze the balls and fry them into the pot until they are golden.


In the 1.3 step, note that the dough should not be made into a hard dough, but it is soft and thin, because many people come to the house today to cook more busy, so they did not take pictures of the dough. Waiting for me to do it next time, hehe; 2. The fried ones are almost fished out in time to avoid the fried paste~~ 3. The reason why I added spontaneous powder is because the tissue inside the meatball is soft and there is a honeycomb, and the taste will be very strong. I have never seen how the ingredients sold outside are made, but I am, I I feel that the taste is gray and often good. Hey, self-selling, I went to the company the next day on Thursday night, and my colleagues said that it was delicious. 4. The oil is applied to the dough because I feel that the dough will not be so sticky when I do the meatballs.

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