Recipe: Artemisia orchard

Home Cooking Recipe: Artemisia orchard


This time, using raw squid directly fried croquettes, it tastes good~



  1. Wash the wormwood and chop it.

  2. Take appropriate amount of salt and allspice powder and sprinkle it on the stalks of sage, and mix evenly (after sprinkling the salt, the sage will effluent).

  3. Take a proper amount of flour (do not put too much flour), mix well with Artemisia sinensis (do not put water), so that it can be easily formed into a ball. At this point the ball is still relatively moist.

  4. Take the oil pan, when the heat is 70%, the meatballs will be fried until the golden yellow is removed. The color of the meatballs will be deepened after the fish is removed.

  5. Drain, finish, set the plate. (You can eat some favorite spices, sauces, etc.)


If you like the meatballs with less vegetables and less noodles, you can first add the sage to the boiling water, squeeze the water, then spread the noodles, seasoning, etc. Mix well, you can add an egg, the taste is better.

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