Recipe: Artemisia fritters

Home Cooking Recipe: Artemisia fritters


Looking for a long time in the kitchen, all of them are fried pork with artichokes, but I think that fried pork and pork is the real delicious, and it is also a must-have dish in various farmhouses and earthenware restaurants, so I still create one myself. Right



  1. Artemisia pieces are folded, cleaned, drained and dried, and bacon shredded

  2. Put the oil into the hot pot, add a little steamed pork and stir-fry a few times, then add a small amount of soy sauce, let the bacon silk color slightly, stir fry evenly, add a small amount of water, boil the small fire slightly a bit

  3. Add the artemisia, add the sugar and chicken, stir fry on the fire, taste the salty, because the pork itself is salty, so whether you need to put a little salt, you have to decide according to the taste, then decide to fade and then add a small amount. Salt, if the salty taste is enough, there is no need to add

  4. Ok, it’s delicious, it’s super simple, but it’s delicious.


Nothing special to pay attention to, soon a dish of the hand

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