Recipe: Artemisia argyi

Home Cooking Recipe: Artemisia argyi


There is a kind of food called tempura in Japan. It is to wrap the vegetables in flour and put them in a frying pan. Artemisia tempura is very delicious, the shape of the tree is also very beautiful, but eating a few more will be very greasy, so I am optimized into this formula, the advantage is less oil, health, and completely retain the fragrance of Artemisia selengensis, In contrast, what amaranth cake is completely floating clouds, Artemisia scoparia is the pancake!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: The sage is removed from the old leaves, washed and drained, and chopped for use;

    The sage is removed from the old leaves, washed and drained, and chopped for use;

  2. For larger containers, add the eggs to the salt, pepper, pepper noodles, flour, milk, and stir into a batter;

  3. The chopped sage is placed in the batter and stirred evenly;

  4. Pan sitting in the middle of the fire, a small amount of oil smeared;

  5. Put the oyster sauce into the pot, spread it into a pancake, and fry the golden noodles on both sides.


1, the pot is very important, it is best to use non-stick, less oil; 2, the batter can not be too thick, can not be too clear; 3, after the wormwood is added to the batter, it is best to put the leaves for 15 minutes and then smash and then go to the pot, will Fry some.

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