Recipe: Artemisia

Home Cooking Recipe: Artemisia


Early in the morning, I promised to write the recipe of Artemisia sinensis. As a result, many friends asked for a prescription. Well, it would not match the program picture. It is quite simple anyway.



  1. 茼蒿菜饭方子: 1. Wash the rice and drain the water for later use. 2. Wash and chop the Artemisia scoparia, pay attention to the Artemisia selengensis (the kind of leaves), not the Artemisia argyi (the kind of long pole). The oil is hot and the pot, I like to use lard, so the rice is more fragrant. Under the heat of oil, stir-fry the Artemisia argyi, season with salt, stir fry a few times and turn off the heat, keep the leaves green. 3. Pour the dish of fried sage into the washed rice. It is best to pour the fried sage into the colander, press with a spoon, press out the vegetable juice, and then dry the dried wormwood in a bowl. 4. In addition to adding fried vegetable juice, add some water to the normal rice water volume, set the rice cooker to cook rice. Note that the rice does not add too much water, and the rice is slightly harder. 5. After the rice is cooked, use a rice shovel to soften the rice. Add the fried chopped sage and mix well. Cover and cover for another 3 minutes. The time is not long, in case the color of the sage is yellow. 6. Well, the aroma is overflowing, and the bright and delicious oyster risotto is finished.

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