Recipe: [Aries dinner] hot and sour fern root powder

Home Cooking Recipe: [Aries dinner] hot and sour fern root powder


Every time you eat the standard of grilled fish, you will love the taste of sour and spicy.



  1. The fern root powder bought in the kitchen is enough for each boil. It is always felt that the fern root powder has its own function of infinite expansion; put a proper amount of water in the pot, and put the fern root powder when the bottom is slightly bubbling. Cook for 6-7 minutes until there is no hard heart, remove it and put it in cold water to cool it.

  2. Cut the millet pepper, cut the garlic cloves, cut the parsley into small pieces for use;

  3. In the small bowl, add soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, a little white sugar, salt, and minced garlic, stir until the seasoning is blended, and add the millet pepper circle;

  4. Flough root powder is drained and drained, placed in a large bowl, topped with sauce, then sprinkled with a little sesame oil and chili oil, sprinkled with peanuts and parsley.

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