Recipe: Arctic sweet shrimp sashimi

Home Cooking Recipe: Arctic sweet shrimp sashimi


Simple and rude but actually very delicate! ! It’s delicious! A bit salty and salty. Arctic sweet shrimp is the favorite sashimi dish of Ma Ma. Sweet shrimp is a delicious frozen shrimp that is bought in seventy-seven. It tastes delicious. Ok, it’s awkward to fish, right? Hahaha, I also have recipes!



  1. Solution at room temperature first ~

  2. Crazy peeling! !

  3. Set the plate! ! !

  4. Get some Japanese soy sauce mustard and mix it with a small dish. Eat and eat!

  5. Start enjoying it! May you have a good mood!


Pick up a shrimp head and use the shrimp body to pick up the mustard soy sauce and bite off the shrimp body. Happiness! Eat a bite and scream for delicious!

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