Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Salad Bread Dipped

Home Cooking Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Salad Bread Dipped


Participate in the open-air course of the Canadian Wild Arctic Shrimp Beijing Station in the Haiqiao Market Open Class. The Arctic Shrimp sent in the past few days is basically a little bit every day. The white mouth is eaten, the sweet silk is delicious, and the beautiful drops are just like when you eat every day. I also left homework for myself, and I couldn’t help but eat less. I have to keep my homework!   I started to make bread crumbs at the beginning, but there was a toast mold in the house. The instructions for the bread machine could not be found for several days. There was no place to download on the Internet. I watched the Arctic Shrimp, which was getting worse every day. I bought a toast and came back. How can I sell white toast now? Nobody buys? Do not make money? I bought a big pineapple drop and cut it into a cube. Although there is a pineapple on one side, it is still drumming out. The whole is OK, let's use it~



  1. Arctic shrimps are taken out from the freezer of the refrigerator, naturally thawed, peeled off the shell, head to tail

  2. All the vegetables are washed and drained, the lettuce is torn into small pieces, the bitter chrysanthemums are all two halves, the red and yellow bell peppers are cut into small pieces, the holy fruit is all two halves, the mushroom is sliced, the onion is chopped, and the larger salad is placed. In the bowl, add the mayonnaise and lemon juice and mix well with two forks.

  3. Cut the long toast into cubes, dig into the clams, cut out the bread crumbs, cut into small squares, put a little yellow in the pan and fry them into golden yellow.

  4. Finally, put the Arctic Shrimp and the fried bread pieces into the vegetable salad prepared in Step 2. Stir slightly, put in the bread crumbs, and sprinkle with dried mint leaves.


1. Everyone must think that I used this kind of western-style salad with bitter chrysanthemum. I should use arugula. In fact, I didn’t buy it. The bitter chrysanthemum was mixed into the salad and the taste was refreshing. It was not bitter at all. It could be used as arugula. Good substitute 2, mix the salad with the mayonnaise, Qiandao sauce is also OK, it is best not to use vinegar juice, or with the wind juice, because put in the bread crumb, the juice easily leaks out 3, when peeling shrimp, it is not recommended to choose the orange oil in the head, although it is better to choose the salad, but it is the essence. 4, first mix the vegetables, and finally put the fried bread pieces and shrimp, in order to keep the bread pieces crisp, the shrimp keep fresh

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