Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Potato Clams

Home Cooking Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Potato Clams



  1. After thawing, the Arctic Shrimp is washed slightly with water, drained with water, added with olive oil, black pepper, chopped green onion, mixed well, marinated for later use.

  2. 4 small potatoes, washed with a brush, put in a skillet and boiled in water. Cook it until you can easily insert it with a fork. Don't cook too much. The boiled potatoes are washed with cold water, cut into two hemispheres, and the convex part of the hemisphere (that is, the non-section part) is cut with a knife so that the hemispherical potatoes can stand upright on the chopping board.

  3. Use a dipper or a small spoon to carefully dig out the potato meat in the potato hemisphere. Because this potato skin is used as a bowl for a while, be careful not to dig the sides too hard, so it is not well formed.

  4. After the potatoes are hollowed out, press the sheet that has just been sliced ​​at the bottom to cover the hollowed out bottom. This becomes a small bowl.

  5. The dug potatoes are crushed into mud, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a piece of Western-style ham cut into pieces, a little salt, a little black pepper, a little chopped green onion

  6. After mixing well, pour into the small 'bowl' made of potato skin.

  7. Finally, on each potato bowl, put two marinated Arctic shrimps and then put them on the plate.


Note: Arctic shrimps are quickly cooked and frozen after deep sea fishing, so they can be eaten after thawing. Two kinds of thawing suggestions are given on the package instructions. One is to slowly thaw in the freezer of the refrigerator. The other one is to use the low temperature thawing of the microwave oven. I want to eat it after I bought it today. It is too late to thaw, so the microwave oven used is 20%. Firepower, 2 minutes, the effect is also very good, most of the hail is just melted (but still a small amount of unmelted ice hail), the shrimp is still cool.

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