Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Fresh Vegetable Bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Fresh Vegetable Bag



  1. The whole cabbage is washed under the armpits, and then the water is turned into the pot and boiled for 30 seconds.

  2. Remove the control dry water reserve

  3. Carrot diced into the pot and cooked (about 1 minute), then remove the dried water for use.

  4. After washing the washed green bean sprouts (not more than one minute), remove the dried water for use.

  5. Fans who are soft-smelling are familiar (observing that the fans are transparent), then remove the cold water and cut them into small pieces with scissors.

  6. Put the oil in the pot, after the oil is hot, put the beaten eggs and beat them.

  7. Arctic shrimp peeled and left with shrimp and boiled with water (about 5 seconds)

  8. Put carrots, scrambled eggs, vermicelli, mung bean sprouts, arctic shrimp together, add seasoning and mix well

  9. Cut the hard rod of the cabbage with a knife

  10. Put the stuffed stuffing

  11. Wrap the stuffing with the leaves

  12. Finish with a skillful leek and close the mouth with an Arctic shrimp seed decoration


1. All raw materials should be cooked in advance, and the vegetables should be slightly simmered in the pot. The time should not be too long (the nutrition is not lost). Add olive oil (or salad oil) and a small spoonful of salt to the water to make the vegetables brighter and better to absorb the nutrients. 2. Arctic shrimp has been cooked and processed at the time of purchase. It can be eaten directly. If you are not at ease, you can use a little boiled water to make sure that the time is not too long, otherwise it will affect the taste. 3. You can use amaranth, simmered yellow, parsley, shallot and other ingredients. You can increase the flexibility by using a little boiled water before use. 4. This is a dish that can be eaten cold and hot. If you like hot food, steam it for 5 minutes on the steamer.

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