Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Devil Egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Devil Egg


"Devilled Eggs" is often seen on American parties and is generally popular. The "devil" here refers to the spicy taste of the seasoning. Of course, when you do it yourself, it is adjusted according to your favorite taste. It may not be necessary to add spicy flavor. I did not add spicy food this time.



  1. 2-3 boiled eggs, peeled, cut in half vertical. A small bowl of cooked shrimp (I use cooked frozen Arctic shrimp, used after thawing, if cooked with raw shrimp, cook first). a little salad dressing, a little black pepper

  2. Leave a few complete shrimps for decoration, chop the remaining shrimps, dig the egg yolks with a small spoon, and put them in the bowl with salad dressing and black pepper powder.

  3. While grinding the egg yolk, stir the material in the bowl evenly

  4. Fill the mixed material with the protein and put the shrimp on it for decoration.

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