Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Arctic Shrimp Cucumber


Our family members like the Arctic Shrimp Cucumber Clams, which can be a good holiday cold dish.



  1. One cucumber, washed, cut off the surface with a fork, cut into small pieces

  2. Use a small spoon or a digging ball to carefully dig out some of the melons from the cucumber section. Do not dig through the bottom to make a small shape.

  3. Dig the cucumber, sprinkle some salt, slightly marinate, drain the water

  4. Cut a cooked egg, add half a spoonful of peanut butter, a little soy sauce, a little red pepper, a little chopped green onion, mix well

  5. Fill the cucumber with a small spoon and cut the sweet red pepper into a circle. Set 2-3 shrimps in each circle and place them on the cucumber.


If there is no sharp bell pepper, it can be cut with ordinary big sweet pepper, or it can be omitted.

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