Recipe: Arctic shelled coriander veal

Home Cooking Recipe: Arctic shelled coriander veal


Sister likes to eat Arctic shellfish, so this time she came to me to do this Arctic shellfish bovine venetian



  1. After the Arctic shells are washed, the tablets are opened, and the internal organs and other contaminants are scraped off with a knife. After flushing, they are drowned in boiling water, then fished, shredded, and placed in ice water.

  2. Niu Baiye, what I bought here is already cleaned, rinsed with water, then boiled in boiling water pot, and then cut into the ice water for use.

  3. Caraway pickled clean, cut into sections

  4. Remove the chopped Arctic shellfish and cow venetian blinds from the ice water before placing the plate. The purpose of adding ice water is to make the taste more crispy. Then add the salt to the parsley and add the proper amount of olive oil, a few drops of mustard oil and sesame oil. Add a little vinegar and mix well. The variety and dosage of seasonings can be chosen according to your preferences.

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