Recipe: Arctic shell sushi

Home Cooking Recipe: Arctic shell sushi


I love the Arctic Bell, and the sushi is simple, convenient and nutritious. The most important thing is that it will never let you mess around. Show the mature woman in the kitchen, Hiahia~



  1. First adjust the sushi vinegar. Salt, vinegar, sugar, hot water, the ratio is 1:3:5:10, in fact, it is not so rigorous, just taste it yourself, personally feel that it tastes sour when it tastes, so the taste when it is put into rice is Just right, the acid is sweet and salty.

  2. Put the prepared sushi vinegar to cool, then pour it into the rice, mix well, put it on hold for a while, let the rice fully absorb the taste of sushi vinegar.

  3. Spread a piece of egg skin, spread it and cut it.

  4. I started to make rice balls. I really don't have to talk about it. Apply a little bit of mustard and then wrap the egg skin. Then lay the fresh Arctic shells, finish!

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