Recipe: Apricot syrup

Home Cooking Recipe: Apricot syrup


The season of apricot is very short. Every year, I will try to save it and enjoy it. I used to make vanilla apricot sauce, but I want to change it this year. Formulated from "Glass Stuffed Fruit Glass Jar"



  1. [Pretreatment] 1, weigh the sugar and apricot 2, wash the apricot, do clean the water 3, do not peel the apricot, cut in half, keep the core and do not throw. 4, the core with a kitchen knife or a walnut, clip open the core, remove the almonds. 5. Peel off the almond skin and leave the white seeds.

  2. [Pickled] 1, white almonds, cut in half apricots, and white sugar, put into the pot (preferably using a shabu-shabu or stainless steel pot) 2, pickled all day.

  3. [cooking] 1, the next day, open a medium or small fire, while taking out the foam, cook for about 10 minutes. (Do not open too much fire, otherwise the apricot is easy to boil) 2. Turn off the fire when there is no more foam. 3, pour into the pre-sterilized bottle, sealed and stored.

  4. [edible] 1, with shaved ice. 2, with bubble water. 3, with black tea, green tea. 4, with dumplings, round. 5, eat directly.


1, I used the Lushan 2 apricot. Other varieties of apricots are also available.

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