Recipe: Apricot sour cream cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Apricot sour cream cake


One cupcake american one day Please reduce the amount of sugar in moderation 1 cup is about 28g' looks like it!



  1. Mix the flour, soda, salt, and mix well.

  2. Take another bowl, butter and sugar to send it to the smooth speed.

  3. Reduce the agitation speed to a low speed, add vanilla extract almonds and eggs (add a small amount of eggs) and mix well.

  4. Add sour cream, add the powder mixture, and mix well.

  5. Add one-third of the flour mixture (ie, a mixture of 4) to the mold, add apricot jam in the middle, and finally add the remaining flour mixture.

  6. After the oven is warmed up, 175 degrees and 20 minutes

  7. Mix the top material for 2 -3 minutes. Wipe the top of the cake. Sprinkle the tested almond slices.

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