Recipe: Apricot sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Apricot sauce



  1. The apricots are washed clean and afraid of sticking to the oil. I took a large storage bag and put it on the basket. I cleaned it inside, removed the fruit buds, and washed it with a little salt.

  2. Follow the groove on the apricot, open it by hand, split it in half, and go to the core.

  3. Be careful when going to the nuclear, the side of the core is very sharp, I was accidentally put a hole

  4. Apricot is soaked in salt water, anti-oxidation

  5. Many people on the Internet add lemon juice, but also

  6. Sprinkle sugar on the apricots, I used sugar, and added rock sugar, they are all smooth, the family just happened, the sugar is not enough to add rock sugar, but also added a little maltose, quite messy, haha ​​~ pickled about twenty minutes

  7. Apricot will slowly soften when heated, and the water will be hydrated. It will be boiled in a medium heat, and the pulp will be chopped and smashed with a wooden spoon until the apricot pulp is dissolved.

  8. Some netizens use the flesh first to make mud and then dipped in sauce. It’s not bad, don’t keep smashing the flesh.

  9. Turn a big fire and continue to get rid of part of the water. When you are awkward, remember to stir it from time to time to prevent the bottom.

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