Recipe: Apricot sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Apricot sauce


In the season of harvesting apricots, I got a basket of apricots from the apricot tree in the small hairy house. I also took a big branch of the leaves. Everyone started the apricot jam. Jam is easy to make, but strawberry jam, pineapple sauce, and apricot jam are the first ones~ haha, take a gourd painting



  1. Pick a very ripe apricot, wash, peel and go nuclear

  2. Crushed apricot meat by hand

  3. Put the apricot puree into the pot and simmer it in a small pot. Add some crystal sugar, stir it from time to time, and simmer for about an hour.


Pick a very ripe apricot, so the skin is very good, the core is good, and you can use a knife to draw a circle. Apricot puree is cooked directly, do not add water The amount of rock sugar is based on personal taste, but you can taste it while you put it, but not too little.

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