Recipe: Apricot juice pig lung soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Apricot juice pig lung soup


Pork lungs are often mixed with cabbage dry soup, and apricot juice pig lung soup family is less sputum. The north-south apricot refers to sweet almonds and bitter almonds. It has the effect of moistening the lungs and quenching thirst, relieving phlegm and relieving cough. It is very good with pig lungs!



  1. Cleaning of pig lungs: The pig's lung tube is inserted into the faucet, and the hand must grip the joint to allow tap water to be poured into the pig's lungs. The lungs of the pigs gradually expand to almost burst, gently tapping, pressing the lungs of the pigs, releasing the blood and impurities in the lungs, and then draining the water. Repeat this action N times until the pig lungs appear snowy.

  2. After the pig's lungs are cleaned, cut it into large pieces (such as the size of a fist), a large piece of ginger in a white pot, stir the pig's lungs with fire, and the water in the lungs of the pig slowly pushes out under the heat. The water in the pot Pour off, continue to stir fry, continue to pour off the water until the pot is completely waterless, pig lungs can be placed in the soup pot.

  3. Wash the lean meat and cut into pieces of water, into the stockpot, figs, dried tangerine peel, and ginger slices. After the fire in the warm water pot is boiled for half an hour, turn to a small fire and simmer for 1 hour and a half.

  4. The skinned north and south almonds are immersed in hot water for 1 hour and then peeled (if you buy the unsalted almonds, you can save this step), and wash the water for 2 hours with a small glutinous rice. The almonds and rice are whipped into a blender, and the soup is poured into the almond rice syrup for 15 minutes. The apricot, milky white pig lung soup is ready.


1. The pig's lungs must be thoroughly irrigated and thoroughly fried with ginger until the water is completely removed. 2, North apricot is slightly toxic, can not be eaten in large quantities.

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