Recipe: Apricot cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Apricot cake


This little cake remembers a luxury snack that I used to see when I was young. It can only be enjoyed during the Chinese New Year. We called it apricot cake at that time. Later, as the conditions of life improved, we could buy it everywhere. Nowadays, there are small packages in the supermarket that often buy the memories of the thick childhood through the excuse of buying them. I never thought that I would have made it myself for decades. My daughter’s favorite food is this apricot cake. This small cake only has the shape of a garden when it is squeezed on the baking sheet. It starts to be squeezed on various shapes on the tarpaulin. The only drawback to squeezing on the baking sheet is not to take off the tray. After I waited for the coolness, the vibration of the baking tray would basically fall. This small cake is oil-free and can be accepted by everyone. If you don't like sweet, you can reduce sugar.



  1. Thick whole egg, egg yolk, sugar, salt

  2. Sift the flour into the 1st to make a batter

  3. Put the batter into the ribbon and squeeze it on the baking tray

  4. Put in a 210 degree oven for 8 minutes

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