Recipe: Applesauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Applesauce



  1. The apple is peeled and cut into small Ding, the apple is one-third of the water, and the apple is one-sixth of the rock sugar. Put it in the pot and simmer for one and a half hours.

  2. When you are slightly thicker in the middle, you need to stir vigorously. When the apple is soft, use a spoon to crush half of the pulp.

  3. Finally, when you leave the pot, add a little lemon juice to taste.


There are many different ways of jam, the easiest way to use it today. Although only one-sixth of the weight of the flesh is added, the sugar is too sweet. . . But the amount of sugar can't be less.  Usually one-third or one-half of the flesh is added to the flesh, because my apple is too sweet. It is recommended to use sour apple dipping sauce. Finally, in order to increase the sour taste, I had to add a spoonful of lemon juice. This time I want to preserve the taste of the fruit, so I don't use a blender. If I like the delicate taste, I can break it with a blender after the apple is soft. Pour into the pot and cook until thick

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