Recipe: Apple vinegar

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple vinegar


My first home-made snack book "I love to make snacks" is listed: Chinese people have been drinking fruit vinegar for a long time. It is said that its invention is also related to Yang Guifei's love to eat lychee. . Yang Guifei favors the sixth house, so every year in the lychee season, Tang Xuanzong will send someone to send the lychee from the south to Changan. In the season without lychee, Xuanzong gave Yang Guifei a solution, and the royal chef invented a lychee-flavored vinegar drink, which is a kind of drink made from vinegar, sugar and lychee made from the top grade. The noble mouth of the noble, and this vinegar drink is now the predecessor of fruit vinegar. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more demands for beverages. Therefore, fruit vinegar, which can completely preserve various vitamins and trace elements in fruits, is popular among people all over the world. Its popularity is even more impressive. Because fruit vinegar can choose to add different fruits and vegetables, its efficacy is not the same. And this is the best taste, the most suitable for autumn and winter drinking is even apple cider vinegar. September is the season when Apple is listed in large quantities. Buying a few fresh apples and making a can of pure natural fruit vinegar can not only prevent colds, but also effectively detoxify and slim down. According to dietitian research, drinking a small cup of apple cider vinegar every day after lunch and dinner can effectively reduce the weight of 2 pounds a week. In short, this unique flavor of apple cider vinegar is too many benefits, plus extreme practice. Simple, it is definitely the best drink for family. From now on, let us throw away the harmful health carbonated drinks, make a can of apple vinegar that is good for the body to drink for the family. The color of apple vinegar is golden and dazzling. You can add a teaspoon of honey and use it. Drink with boiled water and mix well, the taste will be better. Don't waste the apple slices that have been marinated with white vinegar. You can use it to soak in water. If you have a large amount, you can put it into a fresh-keeping bag and put it into the freezer. When you store it in autumn and winter, you can heat the apple cider vinegar. Drinking, can effectively prevent the cold from unscrewing the lid, the room is full of apple and vinegar fragrance, so good smell



  1. Wash the apple and cut it into a thin sheet of about 1 cm.

  2. The apple slices are sequentially denucleated, and then a bottle of white vinegar is prepared.

  3. Put the processed apple chips into the glass bottle

  4. Then put 100 grams of rock sugar

  5. Pour a bottle of white vinegar

  6. After sealing the bottle with a layer of plastic wrap, tighten the cap

  7. Place in a cool place and let stand for 3 months.

  8. After the apple cider vinegar is opened, the apple pieces are clipped out with clean chopsticks and placed in a fresh-keeping bag to be stored in the freezer.

  9. Then filter the apple cider vinegar with fine gauze, then pour it into a sterile glass bottle and seal it.

  10. When drinking apple cider vinegar, dilute it with 8-10 times of drinking water before drinking.


1. Try to use pure grain brewed white vinegar without preservatives and acetic acid (the package will indicate whether the pure grain is brewed, or whether it contains preservative or acetic acid) 2. The amount of white vinegar must have not passed the apple slice, otherwise the top apple may deteriorate. 3. The ratio of apple to white vinegar is 1:1, and the amount of rock sugar can be increased or decreased according to your own taste. 4. When drinking, the ratio of warm water to apple cider vinegar is 8:1 or 10:1

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